Honey is the product of seasons of work and the natural ebb and flow of the honeybee life cycle.

They work tirelessly to gather nectar and pollen from flowers, trees, and shrubs to sustain their colony.  We work tirelessly to protect and nurture them.

Our two locations in Arlington, Virginia.

Fort C.F. Smith

Constructed in 1863 overlooking the Potomac, it was one of many forts built to defend the nation’s capital from attacking Confederates. After the war, it was returned to private use as a farm and later a park.  Today, meadows, forests, flowers, wildlife, and our bees, flourish on the site.L

Columbia Gardens Cemetery

Located in the center of Arlington, the family-owned cemetery is over one-hundred years old.  The plentiful trees, flowers, and roses provide excellent forage.

In ancient Greece, people believed that the souls of the dead were carried to the afterlife by bees.L


Only buy local honey.  Most honey in stores has been heated to high temperatures, filtered to remove pollen, and adulterated with high fructose corn syrup.  That’s why it never crystalizes.  Local, natural honey will crystalize.  The rate of crystalization depends on when it was harvested, the amount of pollen present, and the nectar source.  We understand that clear honey is beautiful.  But crystalized honey is a natural product, every bit as nutritional and delicious as liquid honey.